Earn Unihoy Points, earn money!

Every activity you do on Unihoy earns you points, which you can exchange for cash rewards.

Ways you can earn points
Activity Points
Join Unihoy 100 points
Invite a friend 100 points
Add a review 3 points
Add a post 3 points
Add a program review 3 points
Follow a page 1 points
Answer a question 1 points
Comment a post 1 points
Login to Unihoy 1 points
Points to cash exchange

When you have collected enough points, you can exchange for money which will be sent to you through Paypal or Worldremit.

Points US Dollar
10 000 $ 50
20 000 $ 100
50 000 $ 250
100 000 $ 500
200 000 $ 1000

Unihoy is an education platform for current and prospective university students in Africa to compare programs, connect and share knowledge.

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